Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ER6N / ER6F 2012 2013 Eshaust Sound Compilation

ER6N / ER6F 2012 2013 Eshaust Sound Compilation
ER6N 2012

Kawasaki released the current model ER6N / ER6F a year ago. This bike can only be installed a full system exhaust instead of a slip on exhaust. To be honest, this dissappoints many ER6 owners who have lower budget on modification. But there are some videos of ER6 with slip on exhaust on the internet. Lets see which exhaust system suits your taste.

M4 slip on exhaust

Scorpion full system exhaust

Akrapovic full system exhaust

Custom made Twin side-mounted exhaust from Thailand

Yoshimura full system exhaust

Two Brothers full system exhaust

Termignoni full system exhaust


  1. Sorry..i cant see the picture for this one..thx..btw nice blog bro..keep update \w/

  2. Thanks bro. There are some videos in the post so maybe you will need to view them using your pc.

  3. Not all videos having same sound quality so not really comparable.

    But Ake Phuket definately wins on looks!